npr presents…

Dear Lovelies,

I need you.

So, I’ve decided to enter a poster contest for The Decemberists, a fave group. Please check out my design and let me know what you think. I thought I was psyched on it, but now I’m not so sure. Critiques are what I’m looking for here, as my regular critics are MIA. I’m tough-skinned; I can take it. Let me know.

A Kiss and a Peck and a Hug Around the Neck,

P.S. Y’all are my favorite.

so, tell me what you think for real.
so, tell me what you think for real.

6 thoughts on “npr presents…”

  1. I think that’s great! Is the other band supposed to be “hearless bastards” or heartless? My only critique would be to change the “hazard of love” font. It doesn’t fit in there very well.

  2. i agree with bobby. i really like it. if i changed anything, i’d probably change the hazards/stubbs font. a little hard to read.

  3. i love it! and i guess its hard to tell without examples of other fonts there, but i actually really like that one. i think its cool and different.

  4. Rach: I agree with the others. Make the font easier to read, but still keep it different from the rest. I like the blocky idea of it.

    Also, “It’s” should be “Its.” No apostrophe.

    Also, Jake thinks (and I agree) that the bottom left triangle of blue/yellow should be scrapped. Just continue the photograph until the word banner. And, the bottom blue/yellow piece should also be scrapped so that the bottom of the poster is the word banner.

    His suggestion for the top is that the rays from the chandelier continue up toward the Decemberists instead of having so much light blue blank space.

    I love it, and can’t wait for my banner, logo, personal poster of coolness!

    Hope that helps!

  5. shank you all for your lovely compliments, suggestions and over-all awesomeness. i did another design that i think i like more… check it out [new post].

    i am bummed that it’s a bit fuzzy cuz i had to make it a small file for this computer to be able to handle it. wireless is coming soon… my caliber of posts will rise before you know it.

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