serious hunting.

Just did a banner for

JH Underground is owned and operated by the nicest guy in Jackson, Jim Stanford.

When I last minutely decided I was going to move back to Jackson from Australia and had no car, no job, hardly any money and no friends with poachable living spaces, Jim Stanford came through… and I hardly knew the guy.  He let me crash, relax, regroup, reinvent… at his place.  Check out his site [like you haven’t already]… it’s where to find the things going on in Jackson Hole… underground.

Ah, yes… Jim was there for me at my messiest time.  But I feel like I’ve got things more together now.  For one, I have a job now… and it is awesome.  [for those who don’t know, i work with adults with mental disabilities… it’s like working with very big, pretty young children.]

[kinda like this:


Yesterday, I got to ski at the Village with our most apt client, Lenny.

[side note: lenny is a character… so hilarious.  he has a pilot figurine glued to the top of his helmet and always yells, “onward, mademoiselle!” while skiing with me.]

Now, as good of a skier as Lenny is, he is our most easily distracted client.  So, to get him to stop looking around on the ski hill and continue to go down with a purpose, I have to [get ready for this] tell him…

– C’mon Lenny!  We’re huntin’ for yetis!

– Oh, yes!  We must find a yeti!

It’s amazing.

So yesterday, we did a lot of laps on the easier runs and I soon discovered that [voila!] I can ski backwards!  So, that’s what I worked on yesterday, whilst Lenny followed me and we hunted for yetis.

All the sudden, we’re skiing and Lenny gets very upset and is yelling at me…

– Rachel!  We have a problem!  Stop skiing!

And I’m thinking, “God almighty, Lenny crapped his pants.”

I stop, Lenny skis up to me and makes me lean in real close…

– Lenny, what’s wrong?  Are you okay?

– Rachel!  We are NEVER going to find ANY yetis if you keep skiing backwards!  You have to keep your eye out for them!

– Haha… Oh man, you are right.  Sorry.  I will start taking our hunts more seriously.

I love my job.

And this… this is for you… you should love it…

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