it’s a bird! it’s a plane!…



pterodactyl ah-mazingness.

Wow.  Awesome.

My new friend came in the mail from the awesome mother, wife, friend, runner, dancer, Victorite, Lauryn.

But he did come with some rules…

the rules.

Instructions for Dino-myte

1) Wear @ least 1x per week

DONE.  Well, thus far, I’ve worn it every day I’ve had it.  I even had a 3-year-old propose to me with it last night at the hockey game.  [adorable]  I mean, it’s not easy to wear crazy shaped rings during glove season… but when they’re this cool…

2) Also Always give him a blankie when off ur finger.

Special Dino Blankie!

3) Buy him A Friend!

Ummm… I might have that taken care of as well.

just maybe.

hee hee, Lauryn Griffin

Wow.  Awesome.

I cannot stop showing it off.  The little things… the thoughtful things… the downright awesome things.  Mean so SO much.

Thanks, Laur!!

You rule.

2 thoughts on “it’s a bird! it’s a plane!…”

  1. I am famous…I got a post….it made me smile….my instructions were so KINDERgarten style….hahah..and the blankie…..what was I thinking? keehehehehehe. It was so fun. I am glad it made you smile…my intentions were that alone…YEAH! I did it! Where did you get his buddy? I like ’em too! Take care of that Dino-ring yha hear!!!!!
    Happy Monday.

  2. you are so famous.

    the blankie was amazing… it seriously made me smile so big.

    his buddy is from dan abraham… also an idahoean. should’ve known.

    they love each other and i love them dearly.

    happy tuesday!

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