birthday boys!

Whoa, what a weekend this will be!

Three very special boys in my life have a birthday this weekend… so, I’m gonna holler at ’em…

the precious, the amazing... bard!

Look how amazing that kid is.  Bard has been such a light in my life for the past seven months.  And on Friday he’s ONE YEAR OLD!  Wow.  I can’t even believe it.  I’ve watched him grow so, so much into the incredible little one year old he’ll be.  Today, whilst watching him, I put him down for a nap but he woke up a bit so we cuddled in his rocking chair while he slept for another hour.  SO precious.  I love him very, very much.


A song for Bard:

the sweetest, the incredible... ev!

Evan and I are actually leaving in a few hours for the desert for a birthday climbing trip.  [don’t tell him i’m blahgging instead of packing.]  I cannot wait to celebrate with some sunshine, some climbing, some dancing, some singing, good times all around.  Evan is an adventure partner extraordinaire, crafty man, handy man, cookin’ man, bakin’ man… I don’t know what I bring to the table in comparison, but I ain’t complainin’…


A song for Evan:

the awesome, the hilarious... ry!

And most importantly… my little bro!  Who might not be so little anymore.  Next month, we’ll see if he’s finally surpassed his gargantuan biggest sis in height.  Oh, Ryland… I cannot believe you’re about to be SIXTEEN!  Soon this picture will be reversed and you’ll be driving ME to Sonic for a cherry limeade.  Wow.  Thanks for being such an amazing little bro.  Cannot wait to see you!  I love you!


A song for Ryland:

Happy Birthday, Special Boys!  Hope it’s amazing for each of you!  Thanks for being so great!

A song for all!

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