dancin’ with myself.

Welp, last day at the Vincent’s. How to celebrate? Why, a dance solo in the kitchen of course! I wish you were all here to dance with me in the kitchen that I will never have to clean again. Here are some highlights… [there were a lot of punch-dance moves]:

Here’s the song I did most of the dancing to. [couldn’t get enough of this song today!] Start the music and then watch me mooooove:












I know that’s a lot of dancing pictures… but there was a lot of dancing/celebrating.

12 thoughts on “dancin’ with myself.”

  1. there is a girl in my shakespeare class that looks just like you. she’s tall and skinny with dark hair (only its short like mine). her facial features are very similar to yours and she even dresses similar. its like i get to see you every tuesday/thursday. i wish i could snap a picture of her.

  2. Rach, I am so happy that you’re happy. It sounds like the new fam will be a much better fit, but yes, I will miss the stories from this riiiiidiculous family. Oh, and I like your dance moves.

  3. dabz: yes, it IS the dance move that no one can resist… glad to see it’s still working… even from over here.

    sheena: i need a picture. this girl sounds hawt.

    abs: oh, i still have some vincent stories from the vault i’ll have to pull out… and, why thank you…

    the pattons: i’m going! i’m going! i’m going! i’m going!

    audrey: you mean “old school rules”? that’s mainly for four-square… oh, how i miss it.

  4. Wait… I thought the irresistible move was how you invited people to dance. How can we dance with you if that is how you end it?

  5. Also… I know toilets flush backwards in Oz, but do all photos get taken in reverse? Why is your t-shirt backwards? Wierdo.

  6. Oh Dan Long, you know me… I’m such a tease, leaving you hanging with my irresistible “make-you-wanna-dance-with-me” move. That, and the fact that I posted this real fast and somehow all of the photos got out of order.

    Also… Yes, everything is backwards. I should’ve actually posted these upside-down. [Okay, yeah… No, I did do this post really fast and didn’t even think about flipping these photos that I took on Photobooth.]

    And I just realized that I didn’t even post any “doooo-what-ya-body-tells-ya” moves! I think I really do need you around for those though…

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